Course Offered



B.Ed two years course of study spread over four semesters with four term end examinations, the successful completion of which would lead to the award of a bachelor’s degree in education.

Course: A course is essentially a constituent of a program and may be a composite of several subject matter to be covered in a semester.


Hard core course

Compulsory subject of study which support the main discipline. Soft core courses An option for the candidate to choose a course from a pool of courses offered by the respective B.Ed colleges of Bangalore University. Each candidate should choose a combination of two soft core courses for the B.Ed programme from the combinations offered by the respective colleges.
Open Elective Course A candidate has to select any one of the open electives prescribed by Bangalore Universityand offered by the respective B.Ed colleges. Enhancing professional Competency (EPC) course Field based activities conducted to enhance the professional competencies and skill. Credit Is a unit of academic input measured in terms of the study hours. It reflects the number of “study hours “ in a particular period of time devoted to various aspects of the teaching learning process such as attending classes, engaging in assignments, projects, seminars ,community activities & practical courses required for the course etc